Bukele will propose to eliminate taxes for the development of AI in El Salvador

President Nayib Bukele announced this Thursday night that he will send a bill to the Legislative Assembly to eliminate "all" taxes on technological innovations to enable the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in El Salvador.

"Next week, I will send a bill to Congress to eliminate all taxes (on income, property, capital gains, and import duties) on technological innovations."Bukele wrote in English in a message on Twitter.

He pointed out that some of the technological innovations will be "software programming, coding, applications and AI development; as well as the manufacture of computing and communications hardware".


The Salvadoran president did not provide more details about the proposal that he will present before the Parliament, with an official majority, nor did he specify what else is sought with it.


Next week, I’ll be sending a bill to congress to eliminate all taxes (income, property, capital gains and import tariffs) on technology innovations, such as software programming, coding, apps and AI development; as well as computing and communications hardware manufacturing.

— Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukele) March 24, 2023

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