Bukele was re-elected as president of El Salvador

He President of El Salvador, Najib Bukelethis Sunday He achieved his re-election with over 85% of the voteand claimed to have done it “pulverized the opposition” and won almost the entire Congressthanks to its controversial “War” against gangs.

El Salvador continues to rely on the president, who became known for his “heavy hand” in the drug trade:

“El Salvador has broken all the records of all democracies in the world.”celebrated from the balcony of the National Palace in the historic center of San Salvador as he greeted a crowd cheering him on in the central square.

Bukele, a 42-year-old former publicist of Palestinian descent, praised his “war” against gangs that has made the “most dangerous country in the world” the “safest in the Western Hemisphere” with 2.4 murders per 100,000 inhabitants in 2023.

We won not only the presidency with more than 85% of the vote, but also the legislative assembly with at least 58 out of 60 deputies.he said, triggering an explosion of fireworks.The opposition was pulverized” said.

The president defended the emergency regime he imposed in March 2022, which includes a total of almost 76,000 prisoners.


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