Buckingham unveils an emoji for the coronation of Charles III

Discussions around the coronation of King Charles III on May 6 will have better visibility on social networks. Buckingham Palace revealed new details about the event on Sunday, including the creation of a special emoji.

This new emoji is “based on the crown of Saint Edward. It will appear on Twitter” when certain keywords are used, Buckingham said. The crown of Saint Edward is one of the jewels of the British crown and is nowadays exclusively reserved for the coronation of monarchs.

This isn’t the first time emojis have been created for royal celebrations. Last June for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, an emoji in the shape of a corgi – the sovereign’s favorite dog breed – appeared on Twitter.

A more comfortable carriage on the way

Four weeks before the coronation, the Palace has also unveiled the route that King Charles and his wife Queen Consort Camilla will take between Buckingham and Westminster Abbey. Surprise, they will not use until their return the traditional “Gold State Coach”, the 260-year-old golden carriage that transports British sovereigns during major events. On the outward journey, Charles and Camilla preferred to opt for the “Diamond Jubilee State Coach”, which is more modern and comfortable, with air conditioning if necessary.

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During her coronation, Elizabeth II had traveled back and forth in the Gold State Coach, an experience she described as “horrifying” due to the lack of comfort in the old carriage. On the outward journey, its journey was 2.5 kilometers long and had lasted two hours so that as many Britons as possible could see the procession.

Three days of festivities are planned from Saturday May 6 for the coronation of Charles III. After the ceremony on Saturday, Britons are invited to gather on Sunday for the traditional neighborhood picnics. Monday will be a public holiday, the Palace inviting the inhabitants to practice associative activities.

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