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South Korean bank BTS today released “Take two”, a new single thought to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the formationwhich is currently immersed in a period of rest that will last at least until 2025.

The song, whose premiere was announced on May 31 to coincide with the start of events in Seoul to celebrate BTS’s first decade of life, was released today at 1:00 p.m. Korean local time (4:00 GMT).

An hour and a half after appearing on the YouTube platform, the official video of the single, in which only the song is heard and a colorful logo that reads “Take two” is seen It already had more than 309,000 visits.

The theme is a ballad that has an acoustic base and that mixes the voices in sweet tones of several of its members with the rapping of three of them, Suga, RM and J-Hope.

In fact, the song, sung mainly in Korean and occasionally punctuated by phrases in English, has been composed mainly by Suga with the cooperation of the other two main “rhymers” of the South Korean group, BigHit Music, the music label, reported in a statement. the band.

According to BigHit, the title, which means “Take Two” in English, It comes to symbolize the beginning of a new chapter for the bandwhich officially started its journey in June 2013.

The song “symbolizes both the group’s journey forward as well as a promise to their most loyal fans, who have shared every moment so far, in order to continue walking together in the future,” the company explained.

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The festivities in Seoul to celebrate the band’s 10th anniversary will conclude on June 17 with a great event held next to the Han River that will have the participation of RMleader of the band, and that will be broadcast via streaming.

BTS announced last summer that would take a break at least until 2025, a period that its seven members would take advantage of to focus on personal projects and perform military service, compulsory for all men in South Korea.

Two of them, Jin and J-Hope, They have already begun to carry out their military service and they are expected to finish it around July and November 2024, respectively.

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