BTC, ETH and more crypto in the plus, Telegram toncoin is rising like a rocket

The crypto market was able to rise sharply yesterday after the US consumer price index (CPI). The two largest cryptos in the market in particular rallied sharply and more volatility is expected today with the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

Although we have some red exceptions, by far the majority of the top 100 turn green today and a few prices even continued their rally. The total market capitalization is up 3.2% to $909 billion.

Bitcoin is hitting $18,000

Bitcoin (BTC) briefly touched $18,000 after the release of US inflation data. Bitcoin is still holding at around $17,800, with which the price is almost 3% up today. FOMC follows tonight at 7 p.m.

Ethereum is hitting $1,350

Ethereum (ETH) rallied slightly stronger again yesterday, briefly touching $1,350. It is the first time the ether price has risen above $1,300 since the FTX crash. For the time being, the ether price is holding up around $1,320 and is therefore 3.5% up.

Rest of crypto top 10 lags behind, but turns green

The rest of the crypto top 10 lags slightly behind. Dogecoin (DOGE) is up 1.4%, but still down 10% compared to a week ago. Ripple (XRP) and cardano (ADA) are up 1.6%. Polygon (MATIC) is up 2.4% and polkadot (DOT) and binance coin (BNB) are up about 3%.

GMX and Stacks crypto top 100 hardest fallers

The red side of the top 100 is quite scant today, but at the top we find gmx (GMX) and stacks (STX) both down about 8.5%. Both rates appear to be correcting somewhat from a recent surge.

Lido, OKC, WBT and toncoin hardest climbers crypto top 100

On the green side of the top 100 today we find a series of prices such as solana (SOL), okb (OKB), trust wallet (TWT), fantom (FTM), avalanche (AVAX) and near (NEAR) all about 7 % in plus. Then we have lido (LDO), which is up 9% to $1.15.

OKC (OKT) continues its rally, touching nearly $27 last night. With the current price of $25, the OKT price is still up 10% today and even up 40% this week.

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Whitebit token (WBT) took another huge plunge yesterday, but recovered from this one a few hours later flash crash as a result, the share price is also 10% up today.

Finally, we have toncoin (TON) from Telegram, which continues to rise like a rocket. The TON price just peaked at $2.70 and is up more than 18% today and up 48% this week.

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