Brutal robbers cut off the legs of a weak woman for anklets

Jaipur: A shocking and heartbreaking incident of robbery has taken place in India, which made the listeners cry.

In the city of Jaipur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the unknown brutal suspects who came for robbery cut off the legs of an elderly woman to remove the silver anklets from her feet.

A foreign news agency According to the report The robbers cut off the legs of a frail 108-year-old woman to grab a silver anklet, left her in a pool of blood and fled the scene.

According to the Indian police, a woman named Jamna Devi was attacked in her house at around 5 am. The said woman lives with her daughter and granddaughter, who were asleep at the time of the incident, who came to know about the incident an hour later.

The police said that the robbers broke into the woman’s house and dragged her out of the house, then cut her feet with a sharp weapon and removed the silver anklet.

According to the police, the injured weak woman is currently undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital and her condition remains critical. The police have registered a case and started further investigation.

The police have recovered the weapon used to cut the legs from the spot, the police are collecting all the evidence with the help of forensic experts and efforts are being made to identify the accused using CCTV footage.

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