Brutal revenge of the student on the principal for a trivial matter, people’s hearts were broken –

Brutal revenge of the student on the principal for a trivial matter, people's hearts were broken -

The shooting incident in India made people think, a student shot his college principal with bullets.

A local college in the city of Sitapur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh erupted into chaos when a student of class 12 suddenly opened fire on his principal.

After the incident that took place yesterday, the police arrested the 12th standard student and the accused is being further investigated, however, the police are investigating from where the accused got the weapon.

According to Indian media, there was an argument between two college students, Gurvinder Singh and Rohit Maurya, regarding sitting in the class. On which the principal reconciled between the two and ended the matter which the student was sorry for.

The very next day, Saturday, at around 7 am, Principal Ram Singh Verma was inspecting the construction work outside the college when Gurvinder Singh came and fired indiscriminately at the principal with an illegal weapon.

According to the police report, the first bullet hit him and went off, after that he started running towards the college, then the accused shot the second bullet on his head and the third bullet hit him on the stomach, he ran away after the incident.

The police reached the spot and sent the seriously injured principal to a local hospital for immediate medical assistance, later the police detained the accused student.