Brutal nurse beats up newborn baby, video goes viral

A terrible incident has happened in an American hospital in which a nurse brutally threw a two-day-old baby into the “bed” of the ICU. (bassinet)

The father of the newborn made a video of the painful scene after which the hospital management fired the nurse.

A foreign news agency According to the report An American nurse was fired from her job at a Long Island hospital after she was seen throwing a newborn baby into a bassinet in the ICU.

In this regard, Fidel Sinclair, the father of the newborn baby Niko, told the media that he heard the sound of his son crying and looked through the window of the ICU to see him.

The child’s father said that the scene was heartbreaking for me, when I saw that the nurse picked up the child and brutally threw it into the bassinet, he took out his mobile phone and took a video of the scene.

Saravia, the mother of the child, said that after watching the video, I could not stop my tears and I could not sleep peacefully in this thought.

My baby Nikki was only two days old and the doctors kept her in the ICU for observation as the doctors were giving antibiotics, the baby’s mother said.

The child’s parents said that there were many other children, I felt like if this happened to Niko, how many more children must have been treated like this because in the ICU ward there are curtains all around and no one. There is no viewer.

The hospital administration took immediate action after learning about the incident and the nurse was dismissed from her job.

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