Brutal honesty from Pecco: “I’m human and I’m starting to feel the pressure”

You can not be more sincere and honest than it has been Francesco Bagnaia after qualifying in Malaysia, in which he was tenth and fell.

-The hardest day of the year?

-No. It was more difficult at the beginning of the season, when he was pushing and ended up behind or falling. Those moments were really difficult. Today, the only positive thing I can get is FP4 and the time in Q1, obviously. But in FP4 I was very consistent and had a good pace on the used tyre. From there, I’ve done my best to ruin the day. This morning I got too nervous about what happened with Franco and Fabio, and I got angry, but an hour later I accepted it because these are situations that can happen to all of us. I’m human and I’m starting to feel the pressure, but I think this is normal. I had to have been smart enough to understand that with my pace I could have been in the front row without pushing so much. I pushed too hard into turn 4 and lost the front wheel. That was the big mistake.

-Is it comforting to see Aleix and Fabio from behind?

-It’s good for me, sure. Fabio is even worse than me because with his crash in FP4 he has broken a finger. The only thing I can say is that I feel sorry for him. I think he doesn’t deserve the bad luck he’s been having in the last few races. As for Aleix, I think he’s been suffering a lot since he started the Grand Prix. When he was following Jorge Martín he had a crash, without it he might have overtaken me on the grid, so none of the three of us had a great Saturday.

-How do you see the rest of the Ducati? Will those who are ahead wait for him?

-I don’t think about it. I think that if they have a chance to win, they will do it as usual. Maybe tomorrow will be the day to assume team orders, but we’ll see why first I have to be ahead in the race and be smart.

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-Have you had the opportunity to speak with Morbidelli after what happened?

No, he just told me he was sorry. My reaction was too much because he was pissed off. These things can happen in practice, but they are beginning to happen too many times because there are many riders waiting for wheels as if it were Moto3. In the ‘qualy’ I had seven pilots behind me. Ok, there’s no rule that says anything about this, but it’s starting to become a problem.

-If you don’t win in Malaysia, you’ll have another chance in Valencia…

-I will try to fight for the best possible position. What will not be right for me will be pushing too hard. A good result tomorrow would be to be ahead of my rivals, because I will arrive in Valencia, with more pressure than here, for sure, but with a greater difference. So it will be important to be smart in the race tomorrow.

-Worried about the rain forecast tomorrow?

-At this moment I feel very competitive in water, with yesterday’s references. But the race is another story, it could rain tomorrow, that’s what the forecast says. But he also said that it was going to rain today and we ran all the sessions dry. You have to be prepared for everything, I don’t want to say that I prefer dry or wet, I think that all conditions are good for us.

Are you worried about starting from the middle of the grid and managing the first few laps?

-I start ninth, but it is true that between the grid and the first corner there is a very long straight. I will try to overtake riders with acceleration, but it will also be important to manage the front tire because when you follow a rider the pressure goes up and it becomes more dangerous. Honestly, my feelings on the bike are fantastic. I can brake as I want, I have speed out of the corners and even the grip of the tire with a lot of laps is good. Everything about the bike is very good.

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