Brussino and Salvó combine to finish off Baxi Manresa

This beautiful basketball game, especially for the local fans because of the result, ended with the best of smiles on the face of Gran Canaria. She knew how to endure her moment to, on the back of Brussino and Salvó, the first of them in a trance in the third quarter, certify their seventh victory of the season in the ACB, the same number of defeats with which his rival this Saturday goes to bed today. For its part, Baxi Manresa gradually gave up, dying slowly, unable to contain the success of the island from the outside: 14/30 in triples.

The visiting host began very active, their game happy, perhaps a basketball always well directed by Pedro Martínez, and two triples from Ferrari, a former Granca, and Waczynski gave him his first advantages, like that 8-13 first half of the initial period. He tried to respond to Granca with a much more aggressive defense, a Benite titan in that first line, but he quickly squandered his good defensive work in attack.

Harding, the best player in the first half (12 points), hit a good three-pointer after a better assist from Ferrari that seemed to trigger the Catalan team, although Slaughter’s quick response from the same distance gave Gran Canaria air and it allowed him a minimal recomposition once these first ten minutes were consumed: 20-25.

In no way could the local host sink their teeth into Manresa if they did not tighten the nuts in defense, and very soon Jaka Lakovic’s players got to work, drawing a tie at 27 points thanks to a three-pointer from Balcerowski. Since then it was impossible to unhorse the locals. In fact, a new three-pointer from Bassas made it 30-27 and forced Pedro Martínez to call a timeout that was of little use to his pupils.

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It is true that they reached a tie at 32, but Gran Canaria began to like each other, fighting back in defense and their players coming out like deer on the counterattack. The good moment in which Brussino had entered also helped the local host, five consecutive points of his, 10 in the first half, for the first +10 of the game: 47-37.

Definitely, and in order not to lose momentum, Brussino was in a trance. With nine almost consecutive points, the Argentine international forward was already on 19, put his team with a 62-50 that sounded like danger for Baxi Manresa, where only Harding was capable of responding to the continuous attacks of Gran Canaria: two consecutive triples, 23 points then, none more since then, for a shy 70-61. However, between Benite and Salvó they once again made things clear to the visiting team: 80-67 at the end of the third quarter.

Manresa arrived to get 84-76 after a technique on Brussino, minimal stain in his excellent game (21 points, 10 rebounds)but the seventh victory of Gran Canaria in the domestic competition was not in danger no matter how much a triple from Dani Pérez arrived that in the last minute that raised the 94-88 to the sky of the island pavilion, an action answered immediately afterwards, and of the same way, by Miquel Salvó, who definitely closed the game in favor of his team.


BC Gran Canaria (20+29+31+19): AJ Slaughter (11), Brussino (21), Albicy (4), Shurna (5) and Diop (7) -initial team-; Balcerowski (12), Inglis (7), Bassas (10), Salvó (14) and Benite (8).

Coach: Jaka Lakovic.

Baxi Manresa (25+18+24+21): Waczynski (19), Harding (23), Steinbergs (4), Ferrari (9), Vaulet (6) â starting team- Jou (-), Tass (7), Caroline ( 6), Perez (9), Badio (5) and Sagna (-).

Coach: Pedro Martinez.

referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Javier Torres and Andrés Fernández. No deleted.

incidents: Match corresponding to the ninth day of the Endesa League played at the Gran Canaria Arena in front of 4,458 spectators. In the run-up to the match, the yellow club paid a warm tribute to the visiting coach, Pedro Martínez, presenting him with a plaque and a commemorative shirt for his 378 ACB matches as coach of the island club.

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