Brussels releases 10 billion to Hungary, but continues to withhold the rest of the aid

The European Commission decided on Wednesday to release part of the funds intended for Hungary, worth 10.2 billion euros Some progress was noted in improving the independence of the judiciaryHowever, the remaining aid continues to be dependent on the country making further progress with the upcoming measures.

This is a step with strong symbolic meaning. Because it takes place one day before the European summit, at which Hungary will veto Ukraine’s EU accession and a financial package worth 50 billion euros. Nevertheless, the European Commission denied that the payment of the money was related to this double veto.

The attempts to do so Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will change his position They have not achieved any results before this summit, although the President of the Council, Charles Michel, traveled to Budapest a few weeks ago and French President Emmanuel Macron subsequently invited him to a meeting at the Elysée Palace.

But all of these quotes seem to have the opposite effect. The fact that the rest of the law firms are in limbo and the food from his hand made Orban tighten the rope ever more. “The EU is about to make a terrible mistake that must be avoided,” he said in an interview with a Hungarian portal this Wednesday.

According to Orban The EU is driving this decision forward and should opt for a “strategic partnership” with the country occupied by Vladimir Putin. In addition, Budapest points out that Ukraine’s accession would also mean a big bang in the community club on an economic level, as “all member countries would become net contributors”, which means that “any negotiations with Ukraine about its accession to the EU are ridiculous .”

Although Budapest is not the only capital that has some concerns about the consequences of Ukraine’s accession – which, on the other hand, could take years – Orban’s case is different because he combines this veto with joining his also rejection of the aid plan for Ukraine worth 50 billion euros over the next four years and continues to vote against the next arms tranche of 500 million euros.

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Orban’s offensive appears to have crossed the Rubicon when he used his visit to the United States to meet with members of the Republican Party who opposed further arming Ukraine. His brief meeting with Volodimir Zelensky during Sebastian Milei’s inauguration in Argentina appears to have had no effect.

Before the European Commission’s ruling on the disbursement of the funds was announced, Orban’s most important political advisor, Balazs Orban, had already warned about it in an interview with Bloomberg Hungary would simply agree to reconsider its support for additional funding for Ukraine That depends on the review of the current budgets, whether Brussels releases all funds and not just some. The rest of the items, amounting to 11.7 billion euros, are expected to remain idle until Orban’s executive has implemented the necessary reforms in the areas of public procurement, respect for human rights and academic freedom.

Aside from that, Budapest is also waiting for 10.4 billion euros in grants and loans of the post-pandemic rescue plan until Budapest completes the necessary anti-corruption reforms. Hungary is demanding a total payout of 30,000 million and is not satisfied with this 10,200.

In order not to derail the summit, Michel decided to hold a new meeting with Orban on Wednesday on the sidelines of the Balkan summit. However, it is unknown whether these diplomatic efforts have had any effect. In the last few hours, The Hungarian President has made it clear that there is no veto against accession is not subject to the release of funds and that its rejection remains resolute. It is only open to a “financial pact on financial matters”.

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