Brussels calls on Facebook to adapt to EU values ​​and regulation

Follow the battle between the European Union and Facebook as far as the regulation of digital content is concerned. This week Brussels has claimed the technology giant to adapt to values ​​and regulation of the European Union.

Two months ago this same organism rejected the proposed regulation of the digital contents of Facebook and warned him: “If they are not self-regulating, they will be regulated“.

Zuckerberg, for his part, has demanded that the EU lead the establishment of a global standard on the regulation of new technologies to prevent countries from adopting the Chinese model.

The European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton has warned Mark Zuckerberg: “If you understand the values ​​on which this continent is built, then you understand how to behave ”. It has also asked you to keep misinformation at bay related to the coronavirus because of the impact it can have on democracies.

The European Commissioner for the Internal Market met by videoconference with the founder and CEO of Facebook to emphasize that who has to adapt is Facebook to Europe, and not inverted: “We appreciate your business. But we are not the ones who have to adapt to you. We have to make sure that we continue with our own democratic systems. “

The president also remarks the role of digital platforms in the current landscape:Platforms are playing a huge role today and will do so tomorrow. And if they want to continue playing it, they have to learn how to discuss and cooperate with us. “.

In this sense, the European executive reminded the founder of Facebook the importance of paying taxes:I was the boss myself, you have to pay taxes where you have to pay taxes and not go to tax havens ”.

Zuckerberg claims Europe’s leadership

Zuckerberg has called on the EU for leadership in setting a global standard on the regulation of new technologies. The manager sets its eyes on China and says it worries that this model will expand to other countries: “Right now, many other countries are looking at China (…) and saying that model seems that maybe it could work, maybe it gives our government more control. I think that is very dangerous and I am concerned that this type of model will spread to other countries ”.

To do this, Zuckerberg advocates having a clear regulatory framework that comes from Western democratic countries and becomes the norm throughout the world.

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