Bruno Fernando is on Real Madrid’s transfer list to release Poirier

For several months we have known that Real Madrid were looking for a center in the market due to doubts about Tavares and lack of confidence in Poirier, and now we have learned that Bruno Fernando is one of the targets

After Edy Tavares’ controversial comments in which he stated that he did not know whether he would continue with the white team because the dream of the NBA was still latent, all alarm bells were ringing. The loss of its best players worried the club and it began looking for a new center on the market. And we know that now Bruno Fernando He is one of the players who follows suit real Madrid.

This time it is a completely different player than Edy Tavares, although both share a position. Nevertheless, he was one of the most outstanding centers of the World Cup, although his team Angola could not progress in the first phase. However, Bruno Fernando has had time to show qualities that Real Madrid like.

Bruno Fernando, on Real Madrid's radar
Bruno Fernando rarely plays a leading role in the NBA

Bruno Fernando, an independent signing after Tavares left Real Madrid

Even if at the moment Real Madrid are looking for a player who can fill Tavares’ positionYou are also looking for a replacement guarantee. And last season, Poirier had problems with injuries and was unavailable for a crucial part of the season. That’s why the Frenchman’s future is uncertain.

So that, The signing of Bruno Fernando could also take place without the departure of Tavares. And both complement each other and could even share a position. And at 2.08 m, the Angolan is a “small” midfielder, so his mobility means he can also act as a power forward despite his poor outside shooting.

Youth and physical strength for Chus Mateo’s troops

Definitely, Bruno Fernando’s most important contribution to the Real Madrid squad would be his physical strength. He is a very physically dynamic player who is deadly in transitions and finishes. Two qualities that Tavares does not have, so he would be a completely different player who would give Chus Mateo more opportunities.

Anyway, for now we’ll just have to wait. And as we commented yesterday, Real Madrid are also pursuing a young Filipino center, Kai Sotto, who is also one of the names on the target list. It is clear that the club is expecting the departure of Edy Tavares, who could move to the NBA next season.

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