Brozovic’s slam against Atlético worries RCD Espanyol

Delicate moment for the parakeets who see how and suddenly focus on one of their stars

Apparently one of the negotiations that was best focused on the Atletico Madrid has fallen, this time the turn is for Marcelo Brozovich which has successfully concluded its treaties with the Inter de Milan. The Balkan midfielder has gone from composing exit speculations to solidifying his continuity.

He will sign a new contract for four additional years, and his file will be improved to a certain extent. will go from charging €3.5 million per season at 4.5 and at the same level as the Turkish Calhanoglu. But the problem does not lie there, it is that the solution is clear, and his name is Sergi Darder.

Spanish Darder
RCD Espanyol bids for a Serie A player to replace Darder

Without Brozovic’s wake, Atlético must quickly move forward so as not to lose cohesion in the middle

The situation is clear and evident, the rest has to do simply with leadership effects. Sergi Darder is the player who best adapts to this system, being also a footballer with flashes of quality in various facets of the game. He head up, support at the start and a good foot to put filtered balls.

His pass will be much easier to achieve and to that extent the mattress bosses want to place their objectives. Also because it is very clear that the player is looking for new horizons and wants to put himself at the highest level to compete for important things. He has already spent many years in the entity and has asked to review exit situations.

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Simeone continues to have problems in that area of ​​the field that he has not been able to solve

That demarcation is one of the most delicate, and it is that among other things its players have progressively lost level. This is the case of Koke, Saúl who had to leave and also Kondogbia and Herrera. All the weight has had to fall on Rodrigo De Paul who has to duplicate himself to carry out a much more reliable idea.

It remains to be seen if the two leaderships finally manage to focus on the issue. For now it is within the sea of ​​speculation and probability, but it is still a shot in the air as things come. That story has many chapters and decisive moments left.

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