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Brother-in-law committed suicide by killing his brother-in-law

خود کشی

Mirzapur: A land dispute in India claimed two lives, one man shot himself after killing his brother-in-law.

A murder incident took place yesterday in the Mirzapur district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a 39-year-old man committed suicide after killing his brother-in-law, reportedly due to an old land and financial dispute between the two.

According to Indian media, the suspect named Dinesh Sharma alias Pinto went to the house of his brother-in-law Gopalji in Bakria village and opened fire on him.

According to the police, Dinesh was carrying a licensed 12-bore repeater gun which killed him on the spot, however, Goplaji was rushed to the hospital where he also succumbed to his injuries. Police recovered a repeater gun, 17 cartridges and empty shells from the spot.

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