Brook gives Khan no choice

The prior between Kell Brook and Amir Khan had people turned on. The Manchester Arena was packed and everyone wanted to see two of the boxers who have been a reference in the last decade in the United Kingdom, come to less, face to face. A long-standing personal grudge made the spiciness even greater. As often happens in boxing, the good was long in coming. And it is that an evening without much luster was added a delay that left a curious image. Just before leaving there was a problem with Brook’s gloves, who was forced to change them in the ring (he changed brands and wore the same ones as his opponent). The image was strange, even more so when while they had just been put on and Khan appeared through the corridors of the pavilion alone, dodging cars and ambulances on his way to the ring. It was a big production, but it could have been any neighborhood soiree.

The comic moment over, Michael Buffer did the honors and the bell rang. The emotion lasted a minute. During those opening 60 seconds, Khan looked fast and it looked like he could have a fight … as soon as it hit him for the first time the excitement was over. Brook hurt him and that’s how he spent the rest of the rounds. Amir came out well, but as has happened in his career: his jaw weighed him down too much. Each hand hurt him and with the passing of the rounds the end was evident. ‘Special K’ tightened just enough, but as soon as it did there was no color.

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Before starting the fifth, Khan’s corner asked him for more mobility. He put it up, but with half the round to go, Brook hunted him down and took ample punishment. The end came in the sixth act. Brook went out to hit the first one, connected it and Khan was done at night. He was brave, stood up and tried to continue the war, but in that game he was much inferior and the referee, with great judgment, stopped the fight. It was being a beating and only misfortunes could happen. Khan sees in this fight the clear path to retirement, Brook is not far from her, but perhaps another money fight has been won in his country. They had a rematch signed by contract, now they must decide. For the time being they treated us to one last great night.

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