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Bronze prophet: Reyes Pla falls in the semifinals of the World Cup

Enmanuel Reyes Pla cae en las semifinales del Mundial de Serbia.

Enmanuel Reyes Pla touched the Olympic revenge, but he will not have it in the World Cup in Serbia. The profit and the Cuban Julio La Cruz (he deprived him of medals at the Games) were each on one side of the table. They could only be seen in the final. The two were complying and in the semifinals, La Cruz did not hesitate and clearly crushed (all the judges gave all the rounds) to the Uzbek Saydrakhimov. It was the turn of the Spanish, but he could not with the Italian Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine, who won by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29, 30-27 and 30-27).

It was not the day of Reyes Pla, who was crestfallen while waiting for the official decision, gave everything, but he did not reach an opponent who was faster in the first two rounds. Despite the logical sadness over the defeat, Enmanuel must not forget that he has made history for Spanish boxing. Only Enrique Rodríguez Cal, in 1974, had previously achieved a metal in a World Cup. It was also bronze. Spain does not pass that barrier, but Pla has shown that this generation is called to do great things. At the moment it is only bronze, but not for long.

The first round of the fight made the difference in speeds clear. Mouhiidine was very fast with her hands and legs. Enmanuel, more leisurely, took two minutes to read the fight that the Italian raised. The Spaniard closed the round well, but it was not enough to convince four of the five judges. In the second round, Reyes Pla was more comfortable, but again the speed of the transalpine’s hands was the key. He counterattacked with good judgment and arrived. It was closer than the previous one, but the fight had already settled. Four of the five judges had the fight 20-18. It was time to go for the KO.

The experience of The profit It is gold and it was worth to tighten. Mouhiidine locked the fight and did not allow Enmanuel to link good combinations. It was time to stay with the hand down in the semifinals. The World Cup did not go well for the fighter. “It is impossible for them to reach 100% in the Games and here. They are very close dates and we prioritize the Games,” Rafa Lozano warned in the previous one. That fair way and that was not seeded (had to dispute four suits to reach the semifinals) they made him lack the freshness he needed. Bitter bronze for The profit.

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