Bronchiolitis: how to protect your child?

The bronchiolitis epidemic that has hit France since September has now spread throughout the metropolis, we learned on Wednesday, November 10. This viral respiratory disease, which mainly affects children under 2 years old, seemed to have disappeared since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although it is benign, it is highly contagious and its symptoms, which are impressive in infants, can be very dangerous. How to avoid contamination of your child?

Apply barrier gestures

Washing your hands regularly, sneezing into your elbow, ventilating your living space, these few gestures have become essential since last year. They have also avoided the contamination of many children in 2020. It is also important to clean objects in contact with the baby because the bronchiolitis virus lives for up to six hours on an inert surface such as a toy.

Limit contact with adults

The disease also manifests itself in adults who develop symptoms similar to those of a cold without causing concern.

Very contagious, the virus is then transmitted to the child. Christèle Gras-Le Guen, president of the French Pediatric Society, and head of the pediatric emergency department of the Nantes University Hospital recommends “limiting visits to the circle of very close adults, and especially non-sick adults”. Asked by Franceinfo, she also advises infected adults to wear a mask in the presence of a baby.

Avoid high-traffic areas

It is not a question of confining his child but of keeping him safe. The first months of his life, particularly prone to bronchiolitis, it is better to avoid going out to shopping centers or public transport.

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