Home World Britney Spears was allegedly stalked by her father via her phone

Britney Spears was allegedly stalked by her father via her phone

Britney Spears was allegedly stalked by her father via her phone

According to “Controlling Britney Spears”, the new documentary of the New York Times broadcast this Friday, September 24 on the American channel FX, Britney Spears would have been followed and watched through her phone calls listened to by her father, Jamie Spears.

This is a former agent of the bodyguard team that surrounded the pop star, who testifies in this documentary. At the time, Alex Vlasov was with the security company, Black Box Security, and claims he was asked to equip Britney Spears’ phone with parental consent.

We learn in the article of New York Times, that all the emails and the written and audio messages of the latter, were picked up by her father, not to mention her room which was wiretapped using a device that collects conversations.

“Britney wanted to buy an iPhone and it was a big deal. Everyone was worried. All her intimate relations were controlled, she could not welcome someone into her house without three people knowing it, ”explains the former security guard of the starlet. Indeed, the star of 39 years was constantly watched by two other people in addition to his father, and in particular the superior of Alex Vlasov.

He thus affirms that “his boss Edan Yemini had approached him by asking him if an iPhone monitoring application existed”. Faced with these intrusive questions, Alex Vlasov says he felt “concerned about the legality of this situation”.

But according to the founder of the security company, and as Mr. Spears’ lawyer also pointed out, “the court was aware of this procedure which it justified by the security of Britney Spears”.

“The reason for their surveillance was looking for a bad influence, looking for potential illegal activity that might have happened, but they were also monitoring conversations with his friends, with his mother and with his former lawyer, Sam Ingham.” , also testifies Alex Vlasov.

The question of consent

With this documentary, directors Samantha Stark and Liz Day recall that without the consent of Britney Spears, the facts presented may constitute a violation of the law in California.

In addition, the singer’s current lawyer, Mathew S. Rosengart has said that “any illegal interception or surveillance of Britney Spears’ communications, in particular attorney-client communications, would be a shameful violation of her right. to privacy and a striking example of the deprivation of one’s freedoms ”.

Under the tutelage of her father since 2008, Britney Spears has been trying in recent months to get rid of it. After being given the opportunity to choose her own lawyer, a first victory for Sam Asghari’s fiancée, Jamie Spears recently made the choice to give up her role as guardian. A withdrawal that will have to go before the judge at a future hearing, on September 29.

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