Britney Spears discusses thriller project that recalls her story

Freed from paternal tutelage, Britney Spears has her head full of plans. On her Instagram account, the pop star announced that she was writing a fantastic thriller whose story seems to share many points in common with what she experienced.

“I am writing a book about a girl who has been murdered”, explains the interpreter of “Baby one more time”. And the artist already seems to have his story well in mind. She indeed gives many details on the plot of this work, explaining: “yet her ghost remains stuck in limbo due to trauma and pain and she does not know how to cross the world she knew! », Continues the singer of 39 years.

A story of rebirth and forgiveness

It’s hard not to see similarities with what she is currently experiencing. In a long message, Britney Spears indeed details the contours of this story where her character, “has no one in whom she can trust.” “But something happens and she discovers how to cross the world where her family is located”, specifies the artist, who on September 29 was released from the tutelage of her father, dismissed from his functions by a court in Los Angeles .

While the artist had denounced last June the conditions of her guardianship in a vibrant testimony, explaining that her family had done nothing to help her, she continues: “Coming out of limbo, she has a decision to make … greet the same people who murdered her or create a whole new life ”.

Between imagination and reality, the border is decidedly very thin, as the interpreter of “Toxic” suggests: “what I will leave to IMAGINATION is what it does when it crosses. … in addition to learning to rewrite one’s name, ”concludes the artist, determined to take charge of her life.

A story of rebirth and a work of writing that has everything of a catharsis. It remains to be seen if Britney Spears will go through with her novel project, or if it is a message addressed to her family.

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