Britney Spears curatorship concerned about father control, American singer Britney Spears had made many serious accusations, know what the problem is

Curation of Britney Spears: American singer Britney Spears often remains in the headlines, a few days ago the news of her pregnancy had gained momentum, after which she put an end to all the rumors by sharing her topless photo. Britney has a long history of controversy. The case against misbehavior at a young age and then the protection of father Jamie Spears, his life has been full of such controversies. He fought a legal battle for years to free himself from his father’s protection. Let me tell you what happened 12 years ago. Britney made serious accusations against her father.

American singer Britney Spears rose to fame at a very young age, reaching heights that are not easy to reach. She first came into the limelight in 2007 when she misbehaved with a journalist. He had attacked a journalist who was behind him. After which he was heavily criticized.

When Britney Spears divorced Federline in 2008, after which news of her mental condition came to light, Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, filed for her guardianship in court. The court accepted her point and, due to Brittany’s health, all property and commercial rights rested with the father.

Brittany made many accusations against the guardianship of the father and appealed to the court to be released from him. Britney’s accusations surprised everyone. Brittany also expressed her disgust on social media, calling the system cruel and accusing her father of taking advantage of it.

She said that an IUD device has been installed inside her so she cannot get pregnant. They have been prevented from removing it. So she couldn’t have a child or get married.
Curatorship of Britney Spears: Concerned about the control of the father, the American singer Britney Spears made many serious accusations, know what it was about.

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Speaking in court, Britney said they give her medicine without being told, so she often feels intoxicated. They sent me to the rehab center. I have no claim on my money. I want my rights back, I want my freedom.

After these things came to light, she got a lot of support on social media. People also started a #FreeBritney campaign.

News recently came out that Britney’s father has now agreed to resign as conservative. His legal battle with his father is expected to end soon. Here Jamie’s attorneys said that he will definitely fight harder over his daughter’s account dispute. While Singer’s attorneys have to say that the investigation against Jamie and his associates will continue. It would have been better if he hadn’t made lewd statements against his daughter.


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