British Prince William’s visit to UAE, meeting with Sheikh Khalid bin Muhammad

Dubai: British Prince William has visited the United Arab Emirates. Prince William also participated in a tree planting campaign in Abu Dhabi with British students.

According to Arab media, Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Prince William, members of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office met.

During a meeting in Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Mangrove Park, Sheikh Khalid and Prince William discussed their efforts towards effective global sustainable initiatives.

Sheikh Khalid and Prince William were briefed on the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency’s (EAD) ongoing efforts to protect the environment and increase biodiversity and the Abu Dhabi Mangrove Project. The project, launched during Prince William’s visit, aims to make the UAE a leading country in research and innovation in mangrove conservation.

The project will be completed by EAD Conservation Charity in its first partnership with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

The project will provide a platform for mangrove research, climate change mitigation and community efforts. A state-of-the-art mangrove nursery will also be set up in Abu Dhabi to serve as a research, learning and outreach center. The initiative will provide key solutions for large-scale restoration of nature-based mangroves to biodiversity and climate crises through research and innovation.

The project will create a source of connectivity to nature, carbon storage, biodiversity shelters and sustainable sources of income for local communities in the area. The project partners will also launch a joint research collaboration program on blue carbon storage in different regional ecosystems, as well as help develop standard diagnostic methods in habitats (mangroves, rocks, seagrass).

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Efforts to increase the capacity of mangroves under the Abu Dhabi Mangrove Project include modern genetic and tree planting methods for sustainable breeding. ZSL will support these efforts through field testing of various methods. Using the Abu Dhabi Mangrove project, ZSL will work with nurseries set up in different areas and promote direct exchanges to promote knowledge and skills. The program will also promote access and training for mangrove rehabilitation in local references and global networks.

In the park, Sheikh Khalid and Prince William spent time with the school’s students, with whom they planted mangroves, and discussed the importance of young people’s commitment to sustainability now and in the future.

Jubail Mangrove Park opened in January 2020 to protect biodiversity, raise awareness of the UAE’s mangrove ecosystem and showcase its natural heritage.

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