British Prince Harry’s book caused a stir as soon as it arrived

The book of Prince Harry, who is not related to the British royal family, made a splash as soon as it hit the market, the shops opened at midnight, there was a rush of buyers.

The parts related to Afghanistan in the book, which is published in 15 different languages ​​of the world, have been strongly reacted to by some circles of Britain and the Taliban authorities of Afghanistan.

A foreign news agency According to the report Prince Harry’s book “Spear” was already in the news before it hit the market.

Prince Harry's memoir Spare has finally gone on sale at midnight in the UK - five days after it was first leaked to the world in Spain

After a months-long publicity campaign, Prince Harry’s biography ‘Spear’ finally went on sale in his native Britain on Tuesday, further embarrassing the royal family.

This can be estimated from the fact that the book stalls of London, the capital of England, opened at midnight to meet the demand for Prince Harry’s book.

He holds three copies of the memoir during the special midnight opening event for the release of the memoir

Long queues were formed at the bookstall of Victoria Station in the capital London to get the book as soon as possible. Apart from English, this book has been published in 15 other languages ​​and is selling hand to hand all over the world.

Waterstone, the leading book store in England, has said that Prince Harry’s book is one of the most pre-ordered books in the last 10 years.

Prince Harry memoir, 'Spare,' released with royal family revelations

It should be noted that the book became a topic of discussion for the media after some parts were mistakenly published in Spain before publication on January 10. First, the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ published some parts of the book for public opinion. were

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In the book, Prince Harry blames his older brother Prince William for physically abusing him and claims that he read the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death on the BBC.


He has said he was a bigot before he met his wife, Meghan Markle. In one chapter of the book, Prince Harry says he killed 25 people in Afghanistan and has no shame about it.

Especially the parts of the book related to Afghanistan have been strongly reacted to by some circles in the UK and also by the Taliban authorities of Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the book written on the life of Prince Harry accidentally went on sale in Spain before the scheduled time, after which some excerpts of the book have been leaked online.

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