British nurse sentenced to life in prison for murdering seven babies

Judge James Goss of Manchester Crown Court (Northern England) delivered the verdict after mentioning all the charges against the nurse, which he said “There was intent, calculation and cunning” in their actions.

According to the evidence presented by the prosecution during the trial, Letby killed the newborns they are injected with air through an IV with a syringe while working at the Countess Hospital in the city of Chester in north-west England.

Lucy Letby has been described as a normal girl without a traumatic childhood

Lucy is the only child of John and Susan Letby, a middle-class couple who own a radiator company. According to Lucy Letby’s friends She suffered no childhood trauma and led a perfectly normal life and without significant negative events.

During the police investigation HEThey found numerous notes at Lucy’s home in which she admitted to committing the crimes. “I killed her on purpose because I’m not good enough to take care of her”he wrote in a note. “I’m a terribly bad person”. They also found medical records from the children and evidence that the woman had previously searched the social networks of the parents and families of the murdered babies.

A historical process

The trial took place at Manchester Crown Court It lasted ten months and was one of the longest in England’s history. During the trial, she consistently pleaded not guilty and said she never wanted to harm babies. “I’ve never murdered a child or hurt any of them”he said in a statement collected by Reuters.

The parents of the murdered babies issued a statement expressing their grief

The parents of the murdered infants explained this in a statement Not even the verdict can ease the pain of losing her children.

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