British nurse convicted of murdering seven babies

A British jury has found the British nurse guilty Lucy Letby from Murdered seven babies and attempted to kill six others in a hospital from the English city Chesterdespite the woman’s efforts to deny any responsibility for the deaths.

Letby, 33, denied all 22 allegations against her She blamed the hospital itself for newborn deaths, especially due to poor hygiene or staff shortages. However, For prosecutors, there was no explanation for the deaths other than the nurse’s interventionwho will hear the verdict on Monday, reports a court Manchester.

worked on particularly vulnerable, premature or sick children, with a series of abuses taking place between June 2015 and the same month of the following year. Letby took advantage when she was alone, and in some cases repeated attempts were made to kill the babiesif the first intervention was not sufficient.

Thus, it was proved that he gave injections to the babies Air, milk either insulinalongside other products that would eventually emerge “deadly” for children, as the prosecutor emphasized Pascale Joneswho also accused the nurse of targeting families “morbid curiosity” And “false sympathy”according to the BBC.

let by She was only removed from her post when two triplets and another baby died on three consecutive days. She was initially put in charge of administrative tasks and appealed the transfer, which should have seen her return to the neonatal unit in March 2017 had the hospital not contacted the police at the time.

Subsequent investigations led to an initial arrest of the nurse in July 2018. During subsequent searches in her apartment Agents found several notes in which he veiledly admitted to criminal activities which in the eyes of the prosecution served as a written confession.

However, the jury disagreed on Letby’s guilt in six other attempted murders also under investigation, and acquitted her on two other counts.

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