The morning papers in Britain are lashing out at Prime Minister Johnson after his performance in the House of Commons yesterday. He admitted to attending a get-together in the garden of 10 Downing Street in May 2020, in the midst of lockdown. He did say that he didn’t know it was a drink: he thought it was a work meeting.

That explanation was already met with laughter in parliament yesterday, and Labor leader Starmer called Johnson a liar. The newspapers are also not soft in their criticism. The Daily Mirror calls the whole matter utterly outrageous.

“First Johnson said no rules were broken, then he said he didn’t know about parties, now he admits he attended but he didn’t realize it was a party. Our Prime Minister is an utter disgrace. “

View the front pages of the British magazines here:

“Rules are only for the little man,” headlines the Daily Star over a photo of a pointing prime minister “who suffers from amnesia”. According to The Guardian, Johnson’s future hangs by a thread. The Sun also concludes that his position is shaky, as is The Daily Telegraph, the newspaper for which Johnson worked for many years as a journalist. The Financial Times reports that it was Johnson’s worst day yet.

Criticism of Johnson continues to mount following publications of multiple lockdown parties secretly organized by the Tory government. Many British people find this objectionable, because they were not allowed to meet others themselves and because of the corona measures, for example, were not allowed to attend a funeral of a loved one. A recent poll shows that some 60 percent of the public think Johnson should step down after partygate.

Watch Johnson apologize in the House of Commons yesterday:

Meanwhile, Johnson is also under pressure in his own party. Some high-ranking members of the Conservative Party are openly calling on the prime minister to resign. According to the BBC, the number of people who want Johnson to leave has been increasing recently.

If 54 of the 361 Conservative MPs send a letter to the so-called 1922 committee, a leadership election within the party must be organized. That is not yet the case, but due to the scandals of recent times it has become possible that Johnson will have to deal with such a leadership contest in the future.

Top civil servant Sue Gray is now investigating reports of at least seven gatherings of government employees during the strict corona restrictions. The results of this are expected very soon. Many Tories say they wait for the results before jumping to conclusions. The result of that investigation is expected to lead to layoffs.


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