British couple ate 12 burgers in 6 minutes and escaped

In Britain, a couple ate 12 burgers in just 6 minutes and ran away without paying the hotel bill. The incident was reported to the police, after which the search for the couple began.

According to foreign media, the couple is said to have been challenged to eat by a restaurant in Marlborough area of ​​Wiltshire, UK.

Burger restaurant ‘Bite Me’ had offered customers that if they ate 12 burgers in 6 minutes, they would not be charged.

Restaurant staff made it clear that couples (two people) could not take part in the challenge and had to book in advance for the challenge on Saturday night due to ‘too much busyness’.

Staff allege that the couple ordered a dozen patties, ate them and refused to pay, insisting they had met the challenge.

Marlborough police said they were investigating the incident as a possible burglary, and CCTV footage of a man and a woman have been released, which police are looking for.

Simon Wheaton, owner of the restaurant on Kingsbury Street, said he owed والوں 174 to burger eaters.

“We were very busy on Saturday night and we didn’t have the staff and time for this challenge, so we told them that unfortunately they could not do this challenge, but the couple ordered 12 burgers and Said they want to challenge, after our apology when it comes to payment, the couple said that they have done this challenge in 6 minutes and they will not pay for the burger.

According to the restaurant owner, the staff then explained that we had to set a time for the challenge.

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The restaurant owner says that when he was called for payment, he threatened to criticize the restaurant on social media. He added that it was clear from the CCTV footage that he had not eaten a burger in six minutes.

The owner of the restaurant reported the incident to the police, who wrote on Facebook: “We are investigating the incident as a burglary. Call 101 to report this.”

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