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British citizen arrested for spying for Russia

Berlin: A British citizen has been arrested in Germany on charges of spying for Russia.

Germany’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that a British citizen had been detained in Germany on suspicion of working for the Russian secret service.

David SS, a British national arrested Tuesday on suspicion of spying for Russia, was working at the British embassy in Berlin, officials said Wednesday.

German authorities say the British citizen was detained by British and German authorities through a cooperative investigation, and under German privacy law, his name is just David S.

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Prosecutors say the suspect had been spying for the Russian intelligence service since at least November, and prior to his arrest he was taken as a local employee at the British embassy.

According to the report, the suspect is unlikely to be granted diplomatic immunity, as he would have been deported rather than detained.

The German prosecutor said the suspect had received money in exchange for his alleged spying activities, but did not know how much, adding that investigators had searched his home and office.

The federal judge also ordered that the suspect remain in custody for further investigation Wednesday.

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