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Britain should pave the way for confrontation, otherwise there will be losses, Russia

Russia warns Britain

Moscow: Russia has warned Britain to end the confrontation immediately or face severe retaliation.

According to media reports, a statement issued by the Russian embassy in London said that after a new round of anti-Russian sanctions by the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the British government abandoned the confrontation against Russia. Otherwise, Britain will have to face retaliatory measures from Moscow.

“We reiterate our call on the British leadership to abandon its position of unwarranted confrontation with our country and to respond appropriately to any hostile action,” the Russian embassy said.

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Russian diplomats point out that “rubber stamping” sanctions against Moscow, including the case of blogger Alexei Navalny, have been turned into a retaliatory action that is completely different from the real facts.

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov told reporters that the new sanctions on Russia prove that Washington is pursuing a policy of straining relations with Moscow.

Russia is laying another کے 11 billion pipeline across the Baltic Sea along the existing Nordstream pipeline, which will allow Russia to bypass Ukraine and export twice as much gas to Europe. The plan has become a major source of tension between Moscow and Washington.

The United States imposed sanctions on a Russian ship owner and a construction company two days ago, but opponents of the plan say the move would not deter Russia from laying the gas pipeline.


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