Britain hopes to ban the use of mobile phones in schools

The UK could become one of the countries to completely ban the use of mobile phones in schools.

For several years, British authorities have been examining the possibility of restricting these devices in classrooms.

In fact, several schools in England have banned the use of smartphones in their facilities due to their “outstanding” academic results.

However, this measure was an important step after the government published a guide giving free rein to banning mobile phones.

This new policy can be adopted by all schools in the country and provides some tools that principals and teachers can use to address all types of resistance.

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) found that 97% of children own a mobile phone by the age of 12, showing the impact minors can have at a young age.

“The use of mobile phones in schools can lead to online bullying, distractions and classroom disruptions, which in turn can lead to loss of learning time,” the government said.

Meanwhile, ParentKind’s national parent survey found that 44% of parents expressed concerns about how much time their children spend on electronic devices.

The UK has released guidance on banning the use of mobile phones in schools.

The UK has released guidance on banning the use of mobile phones in schools. Photo: Pixabay

The measure has sparked controversy but aims to minimize student distraction and improve classroom behavior and performance.

For example, schools could decide to ban students from using devices in whole or in part.

“Schools are places where children learn and mobile phones are at least an unwelcome distraction in the classroom,” said Education Minister Gillian Keegan.

A school principals’ union, for its part, questioned the guidance and ensured that the most common use of cell phones outside of classrooms is recorded.

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In this way, the UK could join France, Italy and Portugal among the countries that have already introduced such bans in their schools.

Do you agree with a ban on cell phones in schools?

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