Bring Young shred the champion

Although they just lost De’Andre Hunter, who will be out for two months with a torn tendon in his right wrist, the Atlanta Hawks have reason to smile. You just beat the champion. It doesn’t seem like a milestone if we just stay there, but there is more context. The Bucks were the ones who threw them out of the way last season, the best of the last five years for a structure that continues to regenerate and aims high. Nate McMillan’s team is in a difficult moment, with no more casualties than already counted and going through difficulties to draw up a plan that will lead them to obtain more victories. Everything seems in its place, yes, but not at all: until today there were six consecutive defeats and eight in the last ten games. At home they have conquered the fourth of the five they have and they have done it by punching the table, especially a player, to try to make this the impulse that takes them up. Trae Young could with Giannis Antetokounmpo and with the defenders who were putting him to lead his teammates to victory, which was given by 120-100.

It’s not like Milwaukee had a great start to the season, either, but in their case they’ve had to play games without Holiday and they still have Lopez out. It is not the same situation. For Atlanta it was important to hit the blow here, for that revenge thing but also for showing that theirs should only be a bump. And boy has he done it. More or less clear control of the game and twenty differential with his star at the top. Trae Young’s performance, to frame: 42 + 10 + 8.

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The truth is, Young didn’t fool anyone. From the beginning he warned. First four minutes, four triples made. He was extremely hot and from that first moment the head of Budenholzer and his assistants began to plot what the strategy could be to stop him. Ojeleye and Holiday were their main responses, but they only timidly extinguished the heat of a player destined for the greatest. His teammates helped, of course. In the first big push, with which the Bucks left almost twenty ahead well into the second quarter, Capela collected everything that came to him and Collins was the link. Keys to the Hawks who came so far just a few months ago. Anteto, the player-franchise on the other side, reduced that wide advantage with two consecutive plays to leave it at fourteen (58-44). Grayson Allen continues to add good games in shooting and driving, this one too, but Lou Williams was a good replacement in the second half for Young, who also had to take a break. It was always played with that distance. Trae crowned the top to finish with eight triples and ten misses on the shots, divided into five of two and five of three, in 32 minutes, without being forced to more; McMillan was able to use all fifteen available.

The Eastern Conference is highly unstable, at least this season, and the Hawks are coming from second-highest. Young had dropped a negative opinion about the effort to make in the regular phase, but the mentality changes when you lose so much, immediately and without having more answers.

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