Brightburn 2: The sequel to the film about the evil Superman is in preparation

A sequel to the superhero horror film from James Gunn (and published in 2019) is currently being prepared. Thanks to the very good reviews, the production managed to convince them to continue the adventures of the youth Brandona young boy with powers similar to Superman who eventually turned to the dark side and killed his entire adoptive family. THE H collectivethe production company behind it Brightburnstarts a new label called H3 Entertainment which will integrate new technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence, the Metaverse and Web3 – in his projects. The magazine Deadline – submitted by Screenrant – revealed that one of these mystery projects is a sequel to Brightburn.

One of the founders of H3 Entertainment However, he wanted to reassure fans who are reluctant to see artificial intelligence taking up so much space in the world of cinema by announcing that “ will respect professionals and fans while promoting responsible technological integration “.

The sequel could continue to show the malicious acts of Brandonwhile possibly introducing demonic versions of Wonder Woman And Aquaman. However, given the new position of, bad news James Gunn at the top of the company DC filmsit seems very likely that the filmmaker of Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t put on his producer hat Brightburn 2.

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