Brevo is a leader with innovative CRM solutions

Brevo, the leading CRM platform, introduces features designed to respond to customers’ growing demand for seamless shopping experiences. To complement its marketing platform, Brevo launches the Pro version of its sales platform, with meeting, phone and payment solutions that enable small and medium-sized businesses to deliver exceptional customer interactions efficiently and at scale.

In today’s competitive market, seamless business interactions are becoming increasingly important: For 73% of consumers, experience is a deciding factor when making a purchase decision. Yet many companies lack clear insight into the customer journey, resulting in inauthentic interactions, lack of business alignment, and an overly complicated and lengthy purchasing process.

The new solutions in Brevo sales platformaddress these challenges head-on and enable SMBs to profitably accelerate their sales cycle and optimize customer interactions.

  • Sales platform: Freely expand your business by managing multiple channels! Boost your sales strategy by leveraging valuable information from previous interactions with a shared inbox, lead scoring, and advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Meet: Simplifies the meeting scheduling process and allows customers to easily book appointments through a customizable booking page. You can host video meetings in Brevo or through integrations with Google Meet and Zoom.
  • phone: Make calls, access call statistics, and benefit from recordings and transcriptions of calls and voicemails from your phone or desktop using a single cloud-based number. Store your contacts’ call history in one place to improve sales and marketing processes.
  • Payments: Complete the sales process by collecting payments using your unique payment link and sharing them anywhere, including SMS, email, websites or social networks.

With Brevo’s sales solutions, companies can enable a smooth purchasing process. From capturing leads to booking initial sales meetings to finalizing details over the phone and collecting payments. Brevo simplifies and accelerates purchasing cycles for both companies and customers.

“Our corporate customers are constantly striving to optimize their sales funnel and build closer relationships with their customers. This represents a key element in the customer journey and becomes a real growth and differentiation factor compared to the competition,” It says Armand Thiberge, founder and CEO of Brevo. “These new features have been in development at Brevo for a long time, especially since we acquired some of the best technology available in this space. Today we are very proud to be able to offer this new service to our customers and continue to simplify access to such important tools.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, detailed reports and drag-and-drop editors, Brevo’s CRM solution makes the latest sales and marketing solutions accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical experience. Brevo’s unique, flexible pricing model allows businesses to leverage advanced sales and automation features without contact restrictions or higher rates as contacts increase. Aside from that, Brevo offers 24/7 customer supportin six languages ​​across the web, social media and email, with telephone support for BrevoPlus customers.

Brevo sales solutions are now available to businesses to improve their sales processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Sales Pro Plan: €12 per user per month – available worldwide.
  • Meetings: Free with every Brevo plan – available worldwide.
  • Pro Phone Plan: €19 per user per month – available worldwide.
  • Payments: 1% fee for outgoing bank transfers – only available in France.

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