Breogan River assaults La Fonteta

Valencia Basket will play the playoff of the ACB despite the defeat against Río Breogán, which was better during the 40-minute game. Happ with 18 points was the best of his. La Fonteta fired his team with a tremendous puff. The Galicians close the season in twelfth position and the Taronja team will play against Barça in the quarterfinals.

The team that had something at stake turned out well on the field, but little by little the Galician team grew to such an extent that it reached a very even score at the end of the first quarter. Dubljevic with seven points and Jones with six, were the best of the locals. In Río Breogán the points were more distributed. (22-20).

The second quarter was very even and the score changed owners with each attack. Río Breogán arrived at the break with the score in favor and squeezing the Taronja team. A three pointer from Nenadic with one minute left made the buzz sound in La Fonteta that she was not happy with what he was seeing and she let him know when the team retired to the locker room.

Captain, Dubljevic and good defensive actions by Webb III, was the only good thing to highlight in the taronja. Happ with six points and four rebounds in this period was being the best of the Galicians who played calmly without the pressure of the obligation to win. (34-36)

With a run of (5-0) thanks to a three-pointer by Chris Jones and a basket by Jasiel Rivero, the curtain rose on the third quarter. Happ did his thing again and Breogán became strong on the rebound. Far from getting carried away, the Galicians got into the game and went back to lead with 3:50 left to go in the third quarter. (45-48) thanks to a triple by Hollatz.

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Sergi García delved into the Taronja wound and with a triple increased his team’s advantage. Valencia was lost and they reached the end of the quarter (53-56). The good thing for the locals is that Murcia lost to Barça and that benefited them.

The fourth quarter began without Chris Jones on the court. The point guard was the top scorer of the game with 15 points and Mumbrú reserved him for the decisive minutes. Quintela, Happ and Hollatz were being the best in Breogán.

With 5:58 to go, Jones and Webb were back on track. Prepelic with two consecutive triples put his team ahead on the scoreboard. The end was expected heart attack. Tie at 68 with four minutes to go and the match in the air. Breogán was not playing anything and Valencia knew what was happening in Barcelona.

A triple from James Webb brought his men closer again but Happ followed his. He scored easily. The taronja fans left the stands before the end because their team did not respond. With 13 seconds to go, the team lost six and it was difficult to win the match. Radebaugh wanted to add excitement to the game with a triple (77-80) with 9 seconds to go.

Despite the defeat, those of Mumbrú will be in the playoff for the title and they will face Barça in the quarterfinals. La Fonteta has fired his people with whistles.

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