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Breogán destroys Betis

The Breogán River returned to the path of victory (97-65), the third of the course, in the fourth day of the Endesa League with a great third quarter, in which he knocked out Coosur Betis, who had tried to get up from the two previous defeats but could not avoid one more, again bulging.

The Sevillians had a hint of recovery after their last setbacks, but Breogán, sheltered by more than 4,000 fans, held it in the Pazo dos Deportes, again with Dzanan Musa as a reference (23 points and 20 valuation).

After falling to Murcia (88-66) and Manresa (64-106), Betis set out to correct the course in Lugo and came out concentrated, with a great Pablo Almazán, who was attentive to the game and plugged in in all facets until he was threatened by elimination for fouls. The Sevillians were eight up at six minutes (6-14).

Breogán did not allow the gap to open further and woke up with a triple by Iván Cruz and a fierce defense. That, together with the bad decisions of the visitors (They only added one more point in the first quarter), they tightened the score (14-15) before entering the second period.

The people from Lugo, who had started with two 5s, improved with an open 4 and completed the comeback with triples from Kalinoski, Kacinas and Iván Cruz to go to six points (25-19, m.15). Todorovic and Evans supported the Andalusians in the game at that time, who went to rest two down (38-36).

Although those of Joan Plaza matched the electronic at the beginning of the third quarter with free throws by Todorovic, the game began to turn for the locals with the first points from Bell-Haynes, who came from the 6.75 line, Almazán’s fourth foul and an unsportsmanlike one by Brown with eight down that put the Lugo players with a twelve lead (57-45, m.26).

Betis was knocked out and Breogán stretched the income to 21 points (66-45, m.28) with the Pazo celebrating Musa’s second triple to the shout of MVP and then a mate from Jordan Sakho. To make matters worse, the Sevillians suffered the loss of Agbelese due to a sprained ankle.

A new attempt to react by Betis at the end of the third quarter was quickly appeased by the people of Lugo before entering the last ten minutes with a very large mattress (73-52) that ended up being even softer (97-63, +34) after the Andalusians dropped their arms in full frustration.

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