Brendan Rodgers, the favorite to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

As reported The Sun, the Manchester United not convinced with the continuity of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer despite their confidence being renewed after the defeat to Liverpool at Old Trafford. The club’s managers continue to look for options to replace him in the short term, taking into account that if the Norwegian does not manage to improve the team, he will end up being fired in the coming weeks. Everything is played before the FIFA date.

The Red Devils are still looking for options in the market to change coaches and they have several options on the table, but there is one name that they like above the rest. We are talking about Brendan rodgers.

An interesting option

The coach born in Northern Ireland is the option that most convinces the board due to his profile, experience in the English Premier League and because the option of incorporating Antonio Conte has been complicated due to the high economic demands of the Italian coach to sign a contract with the club.

Rodgers is a very prestigious coach in England. His work at Liverpool was more than positive, despite being on the verge of winning the Premier League, and his project at Leicester City has placed him at the top without having a squad at the level of the best teams in the competition. He proposes offensive football and gives young talents a chance, two traits that are very popular at Old Trafford.

Manchester United would bet on him if he does not manage to reach an economic agreement with Conte, the problem is that Rodgers’ intention to change clubs in half a season is unknown and, despite his time at Liverpool, he has not had the opportunity to directing a team with a staff full of talent, so there are certain doubts in the way you manage egos.

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