Brendan Fraser would be in “Trap”, the new film by M. Night Shyamalan

Some time after the semi-disappointment Knock At The Cabin, M.Night Shyamalan is about to return with a new mysterious concept film: Trap. The feature film will mark the first stone of the three-film agreement between the Warner and the Indian-born filmmaker. The release date is scheduled for August 2, 2024.

Few things are currently known to us around the synopsis of Trap except that it should take place almost entirely in an elevator. According to the sources of Giant Freakin’ Robotthe central role should have gone to the star of sherlock and mcu, Benedict Cumberbatch. For the moment, only the actor Rolando Davila-Beltran figure in the distribution figure in the page IMDB of this film planned for thesummer 2024.

But the same medium of GFR recently revealed that, for some as yet unknown reason, it is no longer Benedict Cumberbatch who would be attached to the central role. Shyamalan would now be eyeing Brendan Fraserwho had a remarkable comeback in the world of cinema with his resounding comeback for The Whale of Darren Aronofsky which won him the Oscar for Best Actor. If the sources of GFR remain to be put into perspective, it is good to remember that this media has often been visionary on a lot of information, from the secret approach of marvel studios to engage Adam Driver in Mr Fantasticpicked up by many media – up to information related to the next Hellboy. It remains to wait for an official confirmation from the principal concerned or from the Warner Bros Discovery.

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