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Breaking prepares to debut at the 2024 Paris Olympics

The precursors of breaking They never imagined that it would reach the Olympic Games, when in 1970 they began the movement in the streets of the New York Bronx. But five decades later, the emerging dance style of hip hop culture crossed boundaries and became a worldwide recognized phenomenon, especially among young people, so strongly that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved their inclusion in Paris 2024.

The IOC gave the French the possibility to propose four additional sports to complete your Olympic program. They first chose three who had their baptism in Tokyo 2020: the sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding. The fourth was breaking, which in December 2020 received official confirmation and earned a place among the 32 sports, transforming into the only debutante. Karate, baseball, and softball were left out.

The spectacular initial experience at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018 made breaking add up points for consideration by the IOC. Its president Thomas Bach had promoted the rejuvenation of the Games with the inclusion of urban sports, balanced in terms of gender and linked to the new generations, so everything fits perfectly.

The skill in breaking. Image: COA Press.

Bach He also came out in defense of breaking, when the criticism of the traditionalist sectors, and they questioned its status as a sport: “It is practiced by athletes who express themselves authentically. In every performance you can see his personality. It is not simply an exercise ”. But that phrase from the German did not stop the controversy.

The federation that regulates the activity of breaking is called World DanceSport (WDSF), focuses mainly on ballroom dancing, It is 64 years old and has 92 affiliated associations. Its president, Shawn Tay, celebrated the choice of breaking for Paris 2024 and also requested its continuity in Los Angeles 2028. “It is an honor for our community to be at the Olympic Games. We deserve that place and we take it responsibly ”, he explains.

Tay promises that they will revolutionize Paris: “The Games are the biggest stage in sport. We will give them a new energy and we will conquer many people. Breaking mixes sport with art. Its foundations were built on a cultural movement. However, the dancers are now athletes, who they train every day in the gym and they prepare like professionals for your set “.

Breaking is popular in France since 1980 thanks to the Paris City Breakers (copy of the original New York City Breakers). That is why a party is anticipated at its Olympic premiere. They have already announced as headquarters to the Place de la Concorde: a venue for 30 thousand people shared with other urban sports such as BMX Freestyle, 3×3 basketball and skateboarding. On December 4 of this year they will give you a I anticipate the Parisian public, with the Breaking World Cup in the Theater de Chatelet.

Image: COA Press.

The Games await 32 best dancers in the world, 16 women (B-girls) and 16 men (B-boys). How is the competition? They face off in one-on-one battles. After the MC (master of ceremonies) introduction, one dancer performs his performance and the other responds below, following the music of a DJ playing live. The winner is defined by the score they put five judges according to their creativity, strength, rhythm, personality, technique and dexterity.

All this was shown in Buenos Aires 2018 by the winners of the first Olympic gold medals in breaking history, the Japanese Ram and the Russian Bumblebee. In the Youth Olympic Games there was also a mixed competition, in which he participated the Argentine Broly and achieved the silver with the Italian Lexy, in one of the most electrifying moments in the Puerto Madero Urban Park.

Broly is actually called Mariano Carvajal. Use that pseudonym in honor of a villain from Dragon Ball Z, was born in the city of General Fernández Oro (Río Negro) and represented the country with Valeria González (B-Girl Vale). The memory of those Games continues to excite him: “It was the best experience of my life. Crazy. Although I am used to pressure, because I have been racing since I was seven years old, people yelled at me and everything shook me. I had never experienced anything like this. I still get goose bumps ”.

The Olympic premiere had an immediate repercussion. “They invited me to several television shows and guys from different provinces wrote to me. The Games marked the breaking in Argentina. They made it known. My dad (Yovany) does workshops to teach. After Buenos Aires 2018 they were full. Many saw us dance and decided to start with this ”, he admits.

The inclusion in Paris 2024 was a joy for Broly, who looks forward and is excited about the future: “Breaking has to be in the Games. Times have changed. It is a new era. Hopefully it can become a traditional sport. I see things similar to gymnastics. There are dance moves, elasticity, and strength. It takes years to reach a professional level ”.

With just turned 21, Broly dreams big and points him to the next Games, but some stones appear along the way. “Nobody helps me financially to be able to dedicate more time to training. I work in a warehouse. I’m still fully preparing myself because I want to get to Paris. I will give everything. It’s my goal and I have faith in myself, ”he says.

Image: COA Press.

Argentina is among the 13 national federations of America affiliated with World DanceSport. He is represented by the Argentine Association of Sports Dance (AABD), whose president is Roberto Cano and works in conjunction with Breaking Argentina, entity that he incorporated under his wing from Buenos Aires 2018. Cano estimates that in the country It is practiced by about 600 dancers, 400 B-boys and 200 B-girls, minimum.

“Inclusion in the Olympics means the recognition of breaking. It is a breakthrough for us because allows you to have another structure. Some people consider it just a dance but it is divided into two parts, an artistic one and a sports one. There are tremendous physical preparation and everything takes place within a competition ”, he analyzes.

The WDSF has not yet released the world ranking system. Nor did they define the way to elect our representatives, although it is known that there are two possible ways, by ranking or in a championship. A Metropolitan Challenge of seven dates has already been launched, with the support of the Undersecretary of Sports of the City. In addition, samples come in Technopolis to continue broadcasting.

Cano believes that the Argentine flag will appear when the 32 competitors of Paris 2024 are announced at the Place de la Concorde: “Activity is growing throughout the country, we see a lot of level in general and we have very good exponents, some with an international presence like B-Girl Carito ”. Breaking gets into the Olympic dance. And you have to dance …


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