Brazilians support Vinícius and stand in front of the Spanish Consulate in Sao Paulo

Some 100 Brazilian protesters gathered outside the Spanish consulate in Sao Paulo on Tuesday to condemn racist insults to Real Madrid striker Vinícius Júnior during a La Liga match on Sunday.

“The League is racist,” the protesters chanted. others screamed “An end to racism in Spain and Brazil”during the protest that lasted about an hour.

Some participants carried flares, signs and stickers that read: “Vini Jr., I’m with you.”

On the walls of the consulate, the words were projected: “It is not football; it’s racism.”

Vinícius, who is black, has had to endure racist insults repeatedly five years ago, when he arrived in Spain. Since September, when the league campaign began, he has experienced racist abuse from supporters of at least five rival teams.

Former soccer player Claudia Rodrigues, 51, was one of the organizers of the protest. She said the idea was not only to gather thousands of people in front of the consulate, which is located in one of Sao Paulo’s wealthiest regions, but to act fast and show the Spanish government that its prompt intervention is required.

“Vini behaved like a warrior, a Brazilian who honors our ancestors,” Rodrigues said. “Vini is facing racism in Europe. Beyond investors and sponsors, this is very important for society and for young blacks, who look to soccer players as their heroes.”

Spanish police has arrested seven people accused of uttering racist insults against the Real Madrid player. Three were arrested in Valencia for alleged abuse against Vinícius during the Sunday game.

Four were arrested in Madrid, as suspected of hang a doll with the image of the player from a bridge on a highway in January.

Representatives of various movements of the black population in Brazil read a statement in which they showed their support for the 22-year-old star. Several motorists blew their horns to also express their support and shouted slogans against La Liga from their cars.

The statement indicates that Vinícius suffered the aggression “of the Spanish ultra-right that oppresses blacks.” He adds: “Vini Jr., we are proud.”

“We will stand by him, with our fists clenched and our heads held high.”

Spanish soccer officials also acted Tuesday, fining Valencia 45,000 euros ($48,500) and closing part of the stadium for the next five games.

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