Brazilian Dominican Chamber of Commerce requests integration to ALADI

The president of the Brazilian Dominican Chamber of Commerce, Ángelo Viro, assured that the incorporation of the Dominican Republic to the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI), would reduce the tariff rate by 4% in force in products such as chicken and pork meat, as well as in the automotive area, which would go from 20% to 16%, due to the drop in the original prices of these items in these markets.

In his opinion,signing an agreement, not on free trade, but on regional integration, It would encourage the business sector to set its eyes on the southern part of the continent, generating a new dynamization of flow, high volume of business and generating greater collection of these taxes as a result of this new commercialization, which would also be reflected in lower prices for people due to the cheaper costs that these markets have at their origin.


He said that currently the tax revenues during the year 2022 were RD$ 896,698 million, of which 74% constituted collections through the DGII and 26% through the DGA, which he considered, evidence that Customs should be a trade facilitator, not just a collection entity.

So, in the Dominican-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce "We ask His Excellency President Luis Abinader Corona to authorize the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) in the person of its minister Roberto Álvarez, to send the acceptance request to ALADI as a full member"Viro proclaimed.

The president of the Brazilian Dominican Chamber of Commerce produced in the Lunch Conference Brazil – Dominican Republic: A post-pandemic reality, organized by a business entity with the participation of the ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Renan Paes-Barreto, as guest speaker.

Although the business sector as an economic and social agent has a great responsibility in creating productive jobs, Governments have the duty to create the conditions to reduce the poverty rate and that this in turn is reflected in a decrease in their unemployment rate and quality of life, he said.

He stressed that diplomatic relations between the two nations date back 111 years, and that, according to data from the Central Bank, from the year 2010 to September 2022 Brazil has an accumulated amount of US$2,349.9 million in foreign direct investment, placing itself, as well as the third country with the highest direct investment behind the United States and Canada.

He pointed out that the2022 ended with a growth of 4.9%where sectors such as free zones, industrial parks and tourism play a very important role in contributing to this growth, boosting the economy and providing jobs.

He stated that the Dominican Republic has been an observer member of ALADI since August 15, 1984, but In the 39 years that the country has been an observer, the status within this association as a full member has not yet been defined.

It is time to evaluate and define the results of these 39 years as an observer member and ponder our integration in order to use those ties for the benefit of our country >>, he stressed.

"We understand that ALADI is the best option we have because it is made up of 13 countries which are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, also including the countries that belong to Mercosur"he added.

Meanwhile, the president of the Brazilian Dominican Chamber of Commerce highlighted the Memorandum of Understanding between the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) and the Dominican Republic signed between the ministers of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, the Federative Republic of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and our country to establish a joint group for the promotion of trade, investment and productive chain.

Ángelo Viro announced that MIREX, together with Pro Dominicana, and with the collaboration of the Chamber, will be carrying out the Mercosur Trade and Investment Forum from September 11 to 13 of this year in Sao Paulo, Brazil presenting the Dominican Republic as attractive for foreign investment.

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