At least 58 Brazilian cities in the state of Sao Paulo have jointly announced the cancellation of Carnival celebrations for next year due to the health situation derived from the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, this will be the second consecutive year that in Botucatu, Sorocaba, Poá or Suzano the massive acts in the streets are suspended, as pointed out by the Brazilian portal G1.

"It has been unanimously decided that cities will not hold the carnival out of respect for the victims of COVID-19 and for fear of a new wave of the coronavirus", has expressed the mayor of the city of Guariba, Celso Romano, municipality where a meeting of twelve localities has been held to discuss the matter.

For its part, in the city of Sao Paulo the authorities have established a schedule, while in other towns such as Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte they want to create a committee in charge of making decisions in this regard.

Although the occupancy rate in hospitals is low and the infection figures are encouraging compared to those of months ago, the municipal authorities remain cautious in the face of fear that the celebrations could lead to an increase in positive cases and deaths. .

In addition, some cities have pointed out that their economic situation prevents them from facing the investment involved in launching the carnival, while the Secretary of State for Regional Development of Sao Paulo has indicated that cities can decide whether or not to celebrate the event. , without the need to inform the state administration.



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