Brazil triumphs again against Spain with Ortiz honored

For the second day in a row, Brazil He once again made it clear to Spain that he will have to work to return to being among the best on the planet. In Zaragoza (2-5 on Sunday) and this Monday in Teruel (4-5), Fede Vidal’s men gave in to the five-time world champion, who also comes from a few years of drought, but who in her regeneration process is having a lots of green shoots.

Before the match began, the entire crowd stood up to pay homage to Carlos Ortiz. At 39 years old, the captain (who was not on the latter list) announced his official retirement from the National Team, the same one in which he played 215 games, many of them as captain: “This trip in which I gave myself body and soul ends, with successes, disappointments and experiences for a lifetime,” he said The Spartan.

Carlos Ortiz, honoree (RFEF)
Carlos Ortiz, honoree (RFEF)

Afterwards, it’s time for a vibrant match, intense in the first part, with occasions but without goals. Even Ferrao, a specialist in double-penalties, missed one. The wood got in the way on that occasion, while on others it was Jesús Herrero who denied the goals. In a play of strategy, after a corner, The first came, from Raúl Gómez, and Adolfo scored the second in a great counter. Spain commanded the rest, more in goals than in play.

After the restart, total madness: five goals in six minutes. Marlon cut the gap, Antonio increased the lead again with a cross shot. Then, the Brazilian ‘hurricane’ arrived: Pito, Arthur and Ferrao (now yes) turned the game around. So, he slowed down. Brazil temporized and Chino came out as goalkeeper-player. Marcenio scored the fifth and Chino himself, without much more margin, closed the scoring. In those final minutes, César (from Jaén) enjoyed his first moments as an international. Spain has work ahead until next year’s World Cup, that everything indicates that it will be held in Morocco.

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4 – Spain: Jesus Herrero; Antonio, Adolfo, Chino, Raúl Campos -starting five- Raúl, Boyis, Raúl Gómez, Ramírez, Mínguez, Pablo Ordóñez, Velasco and Sergio.
5 – Brazil: Roncaglio; Marlon, Dyego, Pito, Ferrao -starting five-Nunes, Matheus, Marcenio, Rocha, Artur, Lino and Valerio.
goals: 1-0. M.17. Raul Gomez; 2-0. M.19. Adolf; 2-1. M.21. Marlon; 3-1. M.21. Anthony; 3-2. M.22. Whistle; 3-3. M.24. Arthur; 3-4. M.26. ferro; 3-5. M.38. Marcenio; 4-5. M.39. Chinese
Referees: Martinez Flores and Delgado Sastre.

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