Brazil: the doctrine against the left is still alive in the barracks

In Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil, the alleged indoctrination is pursued in schools, but there is a clear way to do it in the barracks. In a small municipality of Saint Paul, Picket, military exercises were simulated with one target as a target: a prop left that split from the PT and an MLT (Movement for the Struggle for the Earth), an imitation of the MST that brings together rural workers. It all happened in a fictional country called Brasânia and it was spread under the truest name of Operation Mantiqueira. It is the name of a southeastern mountain range that extends through São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

The information was disseminated by the site The Intercept and refers to events of November 2020. The journalist Rafael Moro Martins had access to documents that prove it with precision of details. The maneuvers They were conceived by the same army that trained the current president in counterinsurgency tactics. An apologist for the 1964 dictatorship who vindicates its most famous torturer: Colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra. The drill was carried out in the same town where one of the IMBEL (Brazilian War Material Industry) factories is built. The troops had weapons at hand to fight their novel enemies. A highly rated genre on local TV for decades.

One of the texts on which Moro Martins was based is signed by Major Marcos Luis Firmino. He is not a protagonist of Brazilian magical realism. But he has the same last name as the footballer born in Maceió and English Liverpool. Moro Martins could not confirm the true identity of the intelligence official. He wrote in his note: “I looked for Firmino’s name on the federal government’s Transparency Portal, but I couldn’t find it. Some members of the Special Forces may have their names hidden there, as happens with the delegates of the Federal Police or agents of ABIN, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency ”.

From the lengthy article it follows that Army officers and NCOs, students from the Special Operations Instruction Center located in Niterói participated in Mantiqueira, a neighboring city to Rio de Janeiro. They were the wills gathered to indoctrinate them in a counterinsurgency theory reminiscent of the Cold War. Or more precisely in the fight against the Araguaia guerrillas, exterminated by the military forces during the long dictatorship (1964-1975). An enemy that does not exist today, except in the feverish mentality of the superior officers who program these courses and maneuvers of mountain infantry.

The region of that mountain range is about 500 kilometers long. Its name comes from the Tupí-Guaraní word Amantiquira. It means Mountain that cries or Sierra where the waters are born. The same scene where the revolutionary Carlos Marighella was named among the authorities of the Brazilian Communist Party in the 1930s. A film that bears his last name was released under the direction of the Brazilian Wagner Moura in 2019.

Among the many academics that The Intercept consulted for the article, Celso de Castro, pointed out: “There is no threat to democracy coming from organizations on the left, but from those on the right, which have threatened democratic institutions and are being investigated. in the investigations of the Supreme Federal Court ”. Juliano Cortinhas, professor at the Institute of International Relations of the University of Brasilia, also commented in the extensive work: “To say that the party has a Marxist character is totally useless. [para la acción militar]It only serves to indoctrinate, to connect the left with threats. All the nomenclature indicates the need for indoctrination ”.

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This type of preaching in the barracks also reached the media that he identifies with the prop insurgency. Under the fictitious name of Samurai Media, it alludes without too much subtlety to Mídia Ninja – founded in 2011-, which for Moro Martins “documented protests against increases in public transport fares in São Paulo and other capitals and later became a means of popular communication of the left ”.

The investigation was published on December 7 and its author notes that he sent questions to the army authorities who did not respond after making him wait more than three weeks. “However, at no time did the force or the officials of the press office – two colonels, a captain and a lieutenant – with whom I processed the request for information, denied the documents,” the journalist described.

The National Security doctrine was reborn in Brazil with the arrival of the far-right Bolsonaro to Planalto. Everything indicates – or at least these documents would prove it – that the special forces formed within the framework of Operation Mantiqueira have a line of continuity with the Information Operations Detachment (DOI-Codi), an acronym for the sinister body that Brilhante Ustra led during the military regime: Information Operations Detachment – Internal Defense Operations Center.

To sustain its structure and the funds destined to feed it, Brazil needs an internal enemy. The pilgrim minds that imagined it with romantic overtones consider that it is embodied by the so-called Army for the Liberation of the Brazilian People (ELPB), “created from a project of a Marxist political party and with a clandestine armed organization, born of a dissidence from the Workers Party ”. This is how they think of the armed forces, one of the legs of the tripod on which the government of the “genocidal Bolsonaro”, as Lula calls it, leans. The other two are broad sectors of the evangelical church and the congressional blocs nucleated in the three B’s: Bible, bullet and ox. Religious legislators, supporters of the use of arms and landowners. Amen to the tougher but declining electorate that still supports the president.

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