Brazil: Once again the insurmountable Jair Bolsonaro surpasses himself

Increasingly it is proven that in terms of stupidity, attitudes that oscillate between the pathetic and the bizarre, generous displays of ineptitude and criminal irresponsibility, There is only one person capable of surpassing the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro: Jair Bolsonaro.

A little while ago, he admitted that he had never read Kafta, but that he felt threatened by a Kaftian situation. Now, on his trip to Italy, he said he loved being at the Pizza Tower.

But sometimes his stupidity causes serious situations. This is what happened in the last three days.

By a 1993 law, the incumbent president receives all the decorations that are awarded, those that he delivers himself and the rest.


Last Wednesday the list of those who will receive the award of the National Order of Scientific Merit.

It was understood that, by law, the decoration would also go to Bolsonaro. But the presidential decree named, for the first time in eighteen years, the same grantor.

None of his five ancestors committed such stupidity.

The names of the awardees are selected by scientific and research organizations. The list is submitted to the Ministries of Foreign Relations, Education and Science and Technology, which approve it as a mere formality. Sometimes they include other names, as they did now, when retired military and government officials were included. The president is exclusively responsible for approving them and signing the corresponding decree.


So it was now, but two days later the same Official Gazette published another presidential decree determining the exclusion of two of the winners, Dr. Marcus Vinicius de Lacerda and the doctor Adele Benzaken.

Lacerda was one of the pioneers, and not only in Brazil, in determining that the drug chloroquine has no efficacy against Covid-19 and can cause serious side effects. Bolsonaro is an ardent defender of “early treatment”, with the incisive recommendation of chloroquine.

Dr. Benzaken was the director of the Department of AIDS in the Ministry of Health. They alienated her already under the presidency of Bolsonaro. The reason for its abrupt cessation: a primer intended to provide guidance to transsexuals. Bolsonaro is a staunch enemy of anything other than the very macho male and the female very female.

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And if never before has a president named himself to receive the decoration, never before have names chosen by scientific organizations been excluded by the government.


Result: yesterday the other 21 doctors and scientists named for the highest distinction in the industry rejected it.

The open letter signed by the resigners contains especially harsh criticism of Bolsonaro. It denounces the purely denialist attitudes of the ultra-rightist towards the pandemic, the lies and manipulations related to its effects, making clear, although without specific mention, the delay in acquiring immunizers, the mismanagement of tests and tests aimed at detecting cases of Covid-19 (Right now another million and two hundred thousand tests are going not to health posts, but to the garbage, because the authorities let the term of useful life expire), in addition to the persecution suffered by doctors and researchers from the government.


Another particularly forceful point in the letter of resignation of the winners is related to the brutal cuts in the national budget for science and technology.

In this 2021, of the budget items of the Ministry of Science and Technology only 38 percent were released. And for next year it was determined, by the government, a 53 percent cut than was originally proposed.

In one of the hardest sections of the letter of resignation, the signatories say: “our names were honorably indicated by that commission,” and then affirm that nevertheless “the tribute offered by a government that not only ignores science, but actively boycotts the recommendations of epidemiology and collective health is not consistent with our scientific trajectories. ”


And it continues: “In solidarity with colleagues who were summarily excluded from the list of laureates, and in accordance with our ethical stance, we collectively renounce such distinction.”

As who says: when it comes to who it is, the best tribute is to be excluded from any tribute.


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