Brazil: misery and hunger are growing.

From Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is going through a stage in which everyday life shows two faces. A, the dand an aimless president, a government that slips on broken promises and that at the same time destroys everything and any aspect of national life. The most recent initiative in that direction was to impose a very severe cut in the budget for scientific research, which will paralyze the sector.

The other, an increasingly dramatic painting, which translates into misery that grows with terrifying speed.

The way the far-right Jair Bolsonaro (Photo) and his government of inept Helplessly trying to manipulate reality reveals an astonishing creative ability.


A good example of this happened last Friday: one of SECOM’s digital pages – the Communications Secretariat of the Presidency of the Brazilian Republic – had a thunderous headline: “A thousand days of a serious, honest and hard-working government.”

And below, where it was expected to see the glorious deeds carried out by the insane president, appeared an immense void.

The truth is that there were plenty of reasons for the suspension of the page. First, it is not a serious government because there is no government directly. Second, because Reports, evidence and evidence of corruption multiply not only in the government, but also in the presidential family itself, wife and children included.

And of the third item mentioned, work, better not to mention.


Bolsonaro continues in an incessant parade through the country, inaugurating bridges from ten meters long by five wide to mail agencies, in a anticipated campaign for next year’s elections.

In each appearance, in each statement, he continues to criticize the use of masks and at the same time doubt the efficacy of vaccines against Covid-19 reiterates its defense of the use of drugs that, in addition to being ineffective, can cause harm collaterals that lead to death.

By the way, and in a clear example of its imbalance, it is covered with praise, remembering that Brazil is the third country that vaccinated the most in the world.

As always, manipulate. We are, by the way, third among those who vaccinated the most, but when it comes to numbers proportional to the population, we appear at a very modest 66º. Of deaths by Covid-19, the second, after the United States.

Ox bones

But there is another face of reality that every day amazes the country more, although not the government: the hallucinatory and hallucinatory speed with which poverty and hunger are growing.

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From the government of Michel Temer (2016-2018), who usurped the presidency after the institutional and legal coup that defeated President Dilma Rousseff, hunger, unemployment and misery once again cast darkness on our social scene.

But since the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency, and especially since the beginning of the pandemic, the speed with which that darkness has spread has skyrocketed.

Calculations from academic centers and researchers that follow the economic and social picture of the country indicate that in the first three years (still incomplete) of Bolsonaro at least 20 million Brazilians returned to the map of misery that had been practically eliminated at the end of the two terms of Lula da Silva (2003-2010).

And in the last six months, that degradation has reached breakneck speed. They are repeated throughout the country, from metropolis to small municipalities, scenes of rows of people searching for scraps in butchers and supermarkets, hoping to return home with chicken legs and neck or beef bones.

To reinforce the cruelty of these scenes, many merchants went on to sell – sell! – what until now was in the trash. A kilo of chicken feet costs about 75 cents. Of ox bone, a dollar.

Children at traffic lights

The number of Brazilians living on the streets in large cities has doubled since the middle of last year. In São Paulo, the largest South American metropolis, it is estimated that they went from around 90,000 to almost 250,000. In Rio there are no official calculations, but at first glance what is observed is an unbridled multiplication, especially in the middle and upper-middle class neighborhoods.

It is dramatic the number of children and adolescents who not only try to sell anything at traffic lights, but who they live with their families in blankets spread out on the sidewalks.

That is the most concrete portrait of the thousand and so many days of the government of Bolsonaro, the most absurd and perverse in the history of the Republic.

And there are plenty of signs that the only change in sight it will be for the worse.


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