Brazil: Lula’s irony in the face of Neymar’s support for Jair Bolsonaro

“Neymar is afraid of me”ironized Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The Brazilian presidential candidate for the Workers’ Party (PT) reacted in this way to the decision of the popular soccer player to make public his support for the current president and candidate Jair Bolsonaro and linked that accession that the far-right president forgave him a debt of his income taxes.

In an interview on the Brazilian podcast Flow, Lula assured that he is not angry because the athlete has openly shown his support for his opponent in the Brazilian elections, and sardonically mentioned that Bolsonaro agreed with Neymar’s father to forgive a debt that he had pending with the Brazilian public coffersreported the Brazilian network O Globo.

“I’m not angry. Neymar has the right to choose whoever he wants as president. I think he is afraid that if I win the election, he will know that Bolsonaro forgave him the income tax debt. I think that’s why he’s afraid of me. Obviously Bolsonaro made a deal with his father“explained the former president.

The candidate mentioned the process that the soccer player faces for corruption in Spain, where he has pending debts with the Treasury that amount to almost 35 million euros.

Lula was the most voted candidate in the first round on October 2 with 48% of the vote, five percentage points above the far-right candidate, who is seeking re-election. Both will face a ballottage on October 30.

Most footballers declined to express their favoritism in these elections, but Neymar declared his support for Bolsonaro before the first round.

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This week, former Brazilian soccer player Raí, world champion in the United States in 1994, ratified his support for Lula by presenting the first Socrates Prize during the Ballon d’Or gala in Pariscreated in honor of his late brother to highlight players committed to social causes.

Neymar posted a video thanking Bolsonaro for visiting the Neymar Jr Institute in the city of Santos. The next day, he posted another video in which he appeared dancing to a campaign song of the current President of Brazil. “Vote, vote and confirm, 22 is Bolsonaro,” reads the letter, referring to the number assigned to the current Brazilian President as a candidate in the electronic ballot box.

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