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Brazil: how did we get there?

Brazil: how did we get there?

From Rio de Janeiro

Bolsonaro’s speech at the UN once again raised a question that people cannot understand: Why did such a person become president of Brazil and still remain in that position?

A country that has already been represented at the UN, among others, by Fernando Henrique Cardoso placeholder image and Lula. A country that once had the most important vaccine system in the world. A country that has had governments as recognized and prestigious in the world as those of the Workers’ Party. How can he now be represented by someone who despises science, vaccines, who governs without social policies, who does not speak of inequalities, hunger, poverty, the resumption of development, who does not behave with the minimum dignity What is required of a President of the Republic?

Political explanations

Even with all the political explanations that have been given, the world and ourselves wonder how Brazil could get to this situation. How do we get so low, after having governments and leaders considered exemplary in the world, in this century?

How could a country, with democracy restored, elect a person like Bolsonaro for the presidency of the republic? How do you stay in that position?

Of course, it shows that there was no democracy, if the favorite candidate at the polls was arrested, convicted and prevented from being a candidate, although a short time later he was released and declared innocent by the same Judicial Power that had detained, convicted and prevented him from being a candidate.

Of course, it shows that the current political and legal system is totally incompetent to prevent that person, committing all kinds of crimes, from remaining in the presidency, without being subjected and removed by a political trial. There must be some deep flaw in that system that allowed him to become president and now he cannot evict him.


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