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Brazil: banana republic scene

From Rio de Janeiro

a pathetic scene: when in the afternoon the Brazilian Congress would defeat President Jair Bolsonaro’s proposal to change the electronic ballot box to paper voting, 150 military vehicles, mostly tanks, crossed the Esplanada de los Ministerios in Brasília. A soldier left one of them, who went up the ramp to the Planalto Palace and handed Bolsonaro, along with his military ministers and some civilians, an invitation to participate in a military exercise in the Navy.

The pantomime was the pretext for Bolsonaro to put pressure on Congress, knowing that his proposal would be defeated by lawmakers. The same president of the Chamber of Deputies, an ally of Bolsonaro, said he was a tragic coincidence. While the Navy claims that its military deployment has no connection with the Congressional decision.

With that, Bolsonaro demonstrates military strength, it becomes stronger militarily, but politically weaker still.

The scene, considered pathetic by the media, projects the image of a banana republic. There was no show of support for the troops and Bolsonaro. Parliamentarians held an assembly in front of Parliament, as if to defend the institution.


The judiciary reacted decisively to a warmonger like Bolsonaro after he publicly called the president of the Supreme Electoral Court a “son of a bitch.” Criminal case was opened for false news from Bolsonaro about the Brazilian electoral system.

We will have to see the consequences of this typical scene from a movie of Glauber Rocha, who lived the capital of Brazil. Certainly the most ridiculous scene in the country’s history.


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