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Brazil: a thousand days of agony

From Rio de Janeiro

Last Sunday the far right Jair bolsonaro (photo, with policemen) commemorated his first thousand days occupying the presidential chair Brazilian. From now on he has about 478 more left.

Will Brazil Survive?

To celebrate, Bolsonaro parades around the country inaugurating works. He did it with a federal bank agency and the paving of paltry ten kilometers of highway.

In bell

What matters is, by breaking all the electoral legislation, to intensify his anticipated campaign for the presidential elections in October next year. The prospects, in any case, are the worst: his government is rejected by 53 percent of the populationHis approval is around 25 percent and all the polls indicate a clear victory for Lula da Silva. And more: Bolsonaro would lose to all the other candidates announced so far.

After having summoned demonstrations on September 7, a national date, which requested, among other details, the closure of the Supreme Federal Court and the Congress, now he is calmer.


It is the result of the harsh response he received from the president of the Supreme Court and the equally harsh dialogue with one of its members, as well as the alarm triggered by the former president Michel Temer, which carried a peace letter that Bolsonaro signed without hesitation. Either he would release a letter of apology or the consequences would be dire not only for him, but for the country.

It happens that if it no longer attacks the institutions threatening a rupture, it continues to spread absurdities about the pandemic, directed at the bloc of his most radical followers, estimated at 11 percent of the population.

Thus, he insists on remembering that he was not immunized, on saying that vaccines are experimental, and vehemently defends the use of drugs that are not only ineffective but can cause side effects that lead to death. He assures that the masks are useless, and defends that their mandatory use is nothing more than a sample of the dictatorial tendencies of governors and mayors.


It also encourages the purchase of weapons, ensures that inflation is not the government’s fault, suggests that the economic situation is one of the best in the world, in short, it widely advertises what no one sees.

Meanwhile, the palpable reality that shakes the country is distressing. In several regional capitals, Rio de Janeiro among them, Queues multiply at the doors of butchers looking for bones and chicken feet. The number of people living on the streets doubled in less than two years. The scenes of garbage cans being scrambled in search of food remains became part of the daily routine.

There are almost fifteen million people who entered in a situation of extreme poverty, according to the terms of sociologists and economists, which can be translated as pure misery. It is worth remembering that, in the days of President Lula, Brazil had come off the world map of misery.

There are another fourteen million and five hundred thousand unemployed, nineteen million who are hungry, about thirty-four million who barely get precarious jobs. And at least 600 thousand died from the pandemic.

The family basket experienced an average increase of 30 percent in the last twelve months.

In a thousand days, Bolsonaro managed to deepen misery, hunger, and unemployment. He spread anguish everywhere. He managed to liquidate hope, at least in relation to what still remains of his presidential term.


Its continued signs of instability contributed in a concrete way to alienate investors, devaluing the Brazilian currency. With that, more inflation, more misery, more hunger.

The industrial sector shrank alarmingly. Brazilian exports are reduced, in practice, to the countryside, the so-called agribusiness, which creates few jobs compared to those created by industry and services. Or better, they created.

The unjustifiable delay in acquiring immunizers, together with its permanent campaign to encourage a lack of confidence in its efficacy, are considered crucial factors for the economic and social situation, which translates into more unemployment.

Lies and truths

A stubborn and incurable liar, these days Bolsonaro said one of the two or three truths proffered by him since his arrival to the presidency.

He recalled that nothing is so bad that it cannot get worse. But he forgot to mention his daily efforts to make that happen.


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