Home Business Brand New Cryptocurrency Will Soon Be Adopted By Major Cities

Brand New Cryptocurrency Will Soon Be Adopted By Major Cities

Brand New Cryptocurrency Will Soon Be Adopted By Major Cities

The Polish city of Mińsk Mazowiecki is going its own way Stablecoin Begin. The currency can be used by consumers to make payments at local businesses and stores. The so-called MinsCoin will be launched via the UrbanChange platform, which promotes the local use of stablecoins.

The Polish city is launching its own stablecoin

The new currency can support local businesses and simplify payments for residents. At the same time, it is an interesting study for the city to see how the stablecoin and Blockchain Technology in general is embraced. A total of 10 different businesses will use the currency, which could potentially be expanded to more businesses if launched successfully in the local community.

According to UrbanChange co-founder Michael Mazur, MinsCoin offers people a new way to make payments and is considered a “user-friendly form of money” for consumers. The coin gives cities and consumers more influence over their own payment network in a transparent and secure way.

Mazur also expects to see more companies accepting the new currency for payments in the future. It is not yet clear what exactly UrbanChange’s ambitions are and whether we can expect several cities in Poland or other countries to launch their own stablecoins.

What is the UrbanChange crypto project?

The platform is specifically designed to stimulate cities at the local level by creating improved payment infrastructure and economies. UrbanChange achieves this by using the so-called dual token model, consisting of a local currency and an impact token.

The local coin is used to actually make payments for city residents in stores or businesses and is backed by stablecoins. The Impact Token is a community management coin that gives holders the ability to vote and exert influence.

The UrbanChange Protocol is the world’s first decentralized blockchain project focused on creating private currencies for urban communities. To realize the project, $5.5 million in funding was raised, supported by, among others, the Algorand Foundation, Alumni Ventures and Node.Capital.

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